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Jocavi ATP - absorvente- Camou Painted Box- 120*60*8 - COMPOSIT

ID: 185906 | Ref: CAMOU120PB | Disponível desde: 2018-06-08


This panel is an updated version of the COSMOS® panel, but is distinct from it. It is an absorbent panel, in particular of the mid-range of the sound spectrum, and is meant to be mounted on walls and ceilings. This model has a fabric-coated front part and a support structure that gives it more mass and enables, therefore, quite different acoustic performances.
The CAMOU® may be used in any type of rooms to reduce airborne noise. It is particularly efficient in rooms where the aesthetic factor is more neutral. This panel can be glued directly on walls and ceilings. Mounting stripes are available for removable mounting. All installation accessories are sold separately. It can be installed by coupling several pieces that form a very absorbent surface with outstanding results. Its size makes it one of the best available options in the market. The back part is a white EPS solid box which can be painted on request with our EPS available colours. The box interior's acoustic labyrinth is filled with recycled acoustic material.

NRC average: 0.84 / m2 [>100Hz; <5KHz].
Self-extinguishable M1 fire retardant fabric-coated acoustic foam on a rigid framework.
EPS Fire Reaction: Euroclass E (NP EN 13501-1).
Several colours.
Package: 4 units or 12 units.
Installation: Very easy to install.

  • 170.00€

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